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Acne Treatment Before & After - how help: clear skin has helped

Looking for an acne treatment that works? Have a look at these before and after images of acne sufferers to discover how help: clear skin has helped them improve their skin.

If you suffer from mild, moderate, severe or intermittent hormonal acne, we hope the transformations of our case study participants give you the confidence to try our natural spot treatment.

Click on the images below for our participants’ individual stories, from their personal experience with acne to the remarkable difference that taking help: clear skin regularly has made. If you’ve been struggling to find a spot treatment that does the trick for you, remember that suffering from acne does not need to be a long term condition as these stories demonstrate.

Coco Cerys beforeCoco Cerys after

“...there is a remarkable difference in my skin...”

– Coco Cerys     

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Sarah P beforeSarah P after

“I thought acne would be something I would grow out of...”

– Sarah P    

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Sarah B beforeSarah B after

“Even professional beauty experts suffer with problem skin.”

– Sarah B     

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Sunddas beforeSunddas after

“It's really helped with my confidence”

– Sunddas     

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