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WORKS WITH WATER NUTRACEUTICALS SURVEY: The true cost of living with acne

June 12, 2015 by Works with Water
acne facts

Here at Works With Water, we’re passionate about helping people improve their skin, reduce the appearance of their acne and feel happier and more confident with their appearance.

We know that a great deal of people suffer from acne and use our products to relieve the symptoms – we hear from them everyday! But we wanted to learn what life is like for our customers who used to live with acne, how dealing with spots and poor skin affects people on a daily basis and take an honest look at some of the more serious psychological side effects, and cost, of battling spots and acne every day.

We share some of the findings from our recent study of over 270 respondents to give you an insight into what it’s like living with acne, to prove you’re not alone if you have skin problems yourself and feel self-conscious. Importantly, we want to point you in the right direction to deal with your skin problems head-on and hopefully find a solution that’s not only effective, but also long-lasting.

Firstly, acne seems to be something many of us have experienced throughout our lives, as 83 percent of our respondents revealed they’ve suffered from bad skin for over a year.

Acne is hard to deal with, as  88 percent of people who have had acne admitted that it affected their lives.

But how? Well, it’s a huge confidence sucker. Many of the people we surveyed said they feel bad about their skin and worry it affects how they’re perceived by other people and even their employer.

We all want to find a solution to our acne, but often the more traditional options fail, as 63 percent of our respondents told us that having acne, or taking the medication to treat it, often made them feel depressed. And 47 percent spend more than £250 a year in an attempt to get rid of their acne problem.

So what’s the answer? Well, every single person who took the survey admitted that they’d be willing to try a product if it was totally natural – it seems those struggling with bad skin are unhappy with over-priced products that are harsh on their skin and prove ineffective.

People are also looking for natural solutions as opposed to prescription drugs that could have unpleasant side effects. This is why we’re more confident than ever that our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN soluble acne supplements can improve the outlook on life, as well as the condition of their skin, of acne sufferers.

So we’d like to hear from you too. Share your experiences of living with spots and acne in the comments below as we’d like to help you improve your skin naturally with the chance to try our help: clear skin range.

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