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Win help: clear skin supplements in our competition with You’ve Got Nail!

July 29, 2011 by Works with Water
Lactoferrin Benefits

Do you feel like every day is a bad skin day? Fed up with blemishes and oily skin? Well help is at hand! help: clear skin has teamed up with Australian beauty blogger You’ve Got Nail to bring you a fantastic competition to win a 6 week supply of help: clear skin supplements, worth £60. The competition is open internationally, so people from all countries can enter.

help: clear skin supplements are 100% natural and contain the key active ingredient Praventin – a bioactive protein that helps reduce blemishes and limits the growth of the bacteria that cause skin impurities.  So you’re treating your skin gently from the inside out, rather than using harsh ingredients direct on to sensitive skin. Take two sachets daily and in as little as six weeks, you could see the improvements in your skin.

To enter the competition, visit

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One thought on “Win help: clear skin supplements in our competition with You’ve Got Nail!”

  1. Anthea Philander says:

    HI im very desperate have problems for years with my oily skin and the blemishes.I have tried everything but dont get any solutions.Im miserable and tired cause the stuff i bought takes alot of money and dont help.PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE BY USING CLEAR SKIN

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