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Why smoking is bad for your skin

March 11, 2015 by Works with Water

Here at Works with Water we explore ways you can make your skin health even better. But we’re not just here to dispense tips, recently we’ve been taking a long hard look at some habits and vices that could really negatively impact both your mental and physical wellbeing – not to mention the quality of your skin and the amount of acne you just can’t seem to get rid of. Last time we delved into stress and alcohol and this week we’re putting your smoking habit under the microscope.

Smoking can have a huge impact on your complexion throughout your life – particularly among teens. The habit can lead to big bags under your eyes, premature ageing and wrinkles, make your skin look sallow and grey and restricts blood flow – so you’re starving your skin from the oxygen and goodness it needs.

Wow, that’s a lot! But it doesn’t stop there, because if you’re susceptible to acne you’ll find that smoking can make your spots and pimples so much worse because you’re effectively suffocating your skin of everything it needs to build up a strong immune system (so it won’t be able to heal acne naturally), fight off infection (so it won’t rid itself of acne-causing bacteria) and stop signs of ageing (wrinkles around your mouth? Yep, looks like you smoke!).

Also, many people think it’s what smoking does from the inside-out that causes the only problems, but just think about how your skin reacts when you blow out that big cloud of toxins into the air – this in itself can lead to an increase in acne, especially unsightly blackheads, around your nose and mouth area.

And of course we all know that it’s not just your skin that’s impacted by smoking, direct correlations have been made between smoking and lung disease, many types of cancer, strokes and all kinds of heart problems. So it’s not just good for your acne to address your smoking habits – it’s necessary for your future!

So what can you do?

Well, we know you might not want to hear it, but the good news is if you stop smoking you can reverse some of the damage you’ve done and cultivate a healthy lifestyle, complexion and insides again.

The challenge is that for many people the nicotine found in cigarettes is highly addictive. So it doesn’t help to just tell people to stop smoking and be done with it.

Of course you could go cold turkey and commit to stopping smoking straight away – many people have succeeded with this method. Or you could ween yourself off the cigarettes slowly with the use of e-cigarettes (which don’t contain tobacco, but aren’t considered safe) or nicotine patches.

Many people find it much easier to quit if they have support from others, so tell your friends and family about your plans, more things to focus on, so take up a new hobby, and less stress, so start meditating, take more time for yourself and exercise whenever you can.

We wish you all the best of luck if you’re thinking about quitting – you can do it!

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