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What is help: clear skin?

May 17, 2012 by Works with Water
The Secret to Clear Skin

We have written so many articles on this blog that deal with acne and skin health with only a brief mention of help: clear skin, which is why we thought we better go into a bit more detail about what it is and how it works…


help: clear skin is our revolutionary 100% natural and clinically proven acne solution that helps clear spots and blemishes in as little as 6 weeks.

Spots – from the odd pimple to more severe forms like cystic acne – can now finally be a thing of the past with help: clear skin, the blemish solution that works from the inside out. This innovative nutraceutical food supplement uses the power of nature and science to give you the radiant and flawless complexion you deserve.

It’s not just the blemishes; the scarring can also get you down. It might feel as though you’ve tried every so called skin cure…

… but with help: clear skin you’ve no lengthy bathroom procedures or under-performing products. Just a simple soluble formula containing ingredients scientifically proven to improve your skin.

How does it work?

help: clear skin contains 100% natural ingredients including Praventin – a bioactive protein extracted from milk using advanced scientific methods – that has been proven to deliver results after a minimum period of six weeks.

Praventin is a natural ingredient derived from milk, rich in Lactoferrin, which has been proven to reduce acne by boosting the body’s natural defences. It limits the growth of acne bacteria, reduces the appearance of blemishes and speeds up the skin’s innate healing process, leaving your complexion looking clearer and more radiant.

Clinical research has shown that people with acne-prone skin who add 200mg of Praventin to their daily diet noticed a median reduction of 71% in blemishes by week four and a staggering 95% median reduction by week eight.

In addition to Praventin, help: clear skin contains:

  • Aloe Vera: a high extract of this healing plant has a smoothing and nourishing effect on the skin
  • Oligofructose: a natural source of soluble fibre. Increasing fibre intake enables your body to expel toxins that affect the skin and help avert acne

Simply empty a sachet of help: clear skin, daily into your favourite beverage or soft food (hot or cold), stir until dissolved and look forward to clearer healthier skin in as little as six weeks.

Our next post will take a look at some of our case study stories and testimonials so you can see exactly how help: clear skin can work without just taking our word for it. If you want to find out more in the meantime visit our website

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