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Water Intake for Healthy Skin

April 6, 2018 by Samantha Smith
Natural Acne Skin Care

As spring begins finally begins to loom, days are (somewhat) lighter for longer, there is a transition for many in diet and lifestyle. People begin to consider their appearance once again as there can be no more hiding in the gloomy dark nights. They fret over what they will look like in a swimsuit, meals move from stodgy to lighter and (somewhat) healthier alternatives, and with this usually comes an increase in water intake.

Why is water intake so important? Water consumption has numerous benefits upon the body, for example, it helps cells & organs of the body function better, it helps promotes a feeling of satiety so we consume less food, it helps keep the body regular and in terms of this blog, it helps to keep skin healthy. But how?

Water Intake for Healthy Skin Explained

The body is made up of approximately 65% water, which means the body needs water to survive and to function. If you suffer from breakouts you will know that water alone cannot clear acne – but it can be a huge help towards supporting healthy skin.

Water helps keep skin hydrated, helps it to heal and helps support skin health. An increase in water consumption can make skin:

  • Less oily
  • Reduce blotchiness
  • Reduce redness
  • Look hydrated
  • Be less irritated

Acne will not clear up by simply drinking the recommended daily intake of water (which by the way is recommended by experts to be 2 litres or 8 ounce glasses) but it will help support skin health which is more than a step in the right direction.

Water Intake for Healthy Skin and help: clear skin

Warmer, lighter seasons should not be the only reason to consume the right amount of water each day and should be practiced every day to help the body function and to help keep skin looking healthy. But if you don’t drink enough water daily already, then starting now isn’t a bad thing. As always, diet & lifestyle can play a major part in breakouts so be sure to acknowledge what you eat daily and your exercise levels.

Here at Works With Water we created help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN to work in synergy with water as we know one of the best ways to take care of skin is via water. As 100% natural soluble supplements, they can change the quality of your skin and hugely improve acne, reducing skin redness and blemishes. When added to water, help: clear skin provides your body with a much-needed dose of hydration as well as natural skin-clearing benefits…all in a daily glass of water!

water intake healthy skin

That’s one glass down, 7 more to go!

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