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Understanding how stress affects your skin and causes premature ageing

April 5, 2016 by Works with Water
how stress affects your skin

Many of us are affected by stress at some point during our lives, but few of us realise how stress can negatively affect our skin over time and the steps we can take to minimise the damage stress does to both our overall health and our looks.

As it’s Stress Awareness Month during April in the USA, it’s a great opportunity to explore and understand how stress affects your skin and causes premature ageing.

When you’re stressed and panicked your body pushes you into flight or fight mode — your heart rate will increase, your palms will get sweaty and you may well feel confused and anxious. Your system releases all kinds of stress chemicals into your body, taking its attention away from the places that need it most — your organs and skin — leading to health complications such as high blood pressure, sleep problems, a weakened immune system, depression and anxiety.

Because stress causes hormonal changes to your body, many people notice they experience more acne and skin irritation when they are stressed. But as you get older stress will start to age your skin more quickly and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging become more pronounced the more stressed you are.

This is because your skin is not getting the attention it needs from your body when you are stressed, plus there are also other factors at play. For example, stress affects fluid balance, which means your skin becomes more dehydrated, begins to sag and loses its youthful appearance over time. This means it’s also more prone to wrinkles and even more vulnerable to environmental factors too — such as pollution in the air, smoking and poor diet.

Once you know the effects stress can have on your skin, you can take important steps to reduce the impact of stress. Although you may never fully get rid of stressful situations or thoughts, there are many ways to get your stress under control.

We recommend finding activities that make you feel relaxed and break your highly-anxious and emotional state, like taking regular walks, reading or getting a massage. Another way to relax and address your anxious thought patterns is to start practicing meditation. It’s a way to become more mindful and better deal with things that can cause stress.

Meditation isn’t about chanting or silencing your mind. It’s about becoming more connected in the present moment and taking your focus away from obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. A great way to start is to close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you. When a stressed-out thought pops up, just accept it and turn your focus back to the sounds again.

As well as employing some relaxation and meditation techniques, it makes sense to also work on minimising the damage stress does to your skin with some preventative solutions.

Our help: beautify skin jelly supplement jelly can help those who feel that the signs of ageing are worsened by stress. It contains PravENAGE™, our proprietary formula containing CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed marine collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. All ingredients which help maintain a normal, healthy complexion and deliver tangible, anti-ageing skin benefits, particularly around the peri-orbital (eye) area. Of course it makes sense to try and minimise stress in lots of ways, but feeding your skin with natural ingredients will help minimise the effects of stress on your skin, ensuring a youthful and nourished complexion.

Interested to know more about specific ingredients that help to combat the signs of ageing? Then check out our latest post about the scientifically-proven skin benefits of Co Enzyme Q10.

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