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Truth or fantasy: do we need/want airbrushing….Victoria’s secrets out?!

October 19, 2012 by Works with Water

Having been on the cover of a trade magazine and not even recognising myself (Jules – looking weirdly like a Stepford Wife!) airbrushing is something on which we take a rather negative view.

Like most things in life, if it’s done with a gentle touch, then it’s most probably acceptable – although with good lighting a good photographer would possibly argue even that point.

But what about when airbrushing is meant to deceive, particularly for commercial gain?

We all know it’s a general practice within women’s magazines – but can we see beyond what many would consider a little harmless manipulation of the ‘truth’?

It goes without saying – but still we’ll say it – that the images on our website are all untouched and submitted by our case study subjects – so you can be sure that when we say help: clear skin really can help clear your skin… the visual proof is NOT courtesy of Photoshop!


Read what Victoria’s Secret Angel, Erin Heatherton has to say on the subject of using Photoshop to slim down models to ‘make things beautiful’ and share your views….

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