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Toothpaste, home acne remedies and the solution!

November 19, 2013 by Works with Water
Does toothpaste work on spots

One of our most popular blog posts has been an article “Does Toothpaste Work on Spots?“… now it seems like many of us have gone to the bathroom and tried it but, like most topical treatments and home acne remedies, we are not getting to the cause of acne, merely treating the symptoms.

However we have been asked if anything else works as an overnight remedy so we are going to give you a few options that you can try (although not proven to work) but we hope you will opt to tackle the source of the problem with a clinically proven treatment that works against acne – okay not overnight but patience really will be a virtue! Read on to find a solution…

Toothpaste: The toothpaste treatment is really only an emergency treatment for occasional use. The cleansing and absorption properties of the paste will reduce the size of the spot and the anti-bacterial properties will make a very noticeable difference to the inflamed redness that accompanies spots. However, regular use will result in patches of dry skin, which is the reason for avoiding the skin surrounding the spot.

Ice: Make ice cubes out of green tea. Just rub one of those things over the blemish area two or three times a day. Swelling will go down, skin will be soothed, and the green tea acts as an astringent.

Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is a renowned anti-fungal and antibacterial herbal remedy, making it great for mild to moderate acne. In a study comparing the efficacy of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil proved just as effective in fighting acne and reducing lesions and tea tree oil produces less side effects.

Aspirin: Aspirin has salicylic acid in it, which is what most topical acne treatments use to bust up acne-causing bacteria. Salicylic acid dries out pimples and fights the bacteria simultaneously. Crush up a pill or two of aspirin and mix it with just enough water to form a paste. With a Q-Tip apply the paste onto individual pimples, leaving to dry.

Lemon Juice: The astringent properties in lemon juice will suck out some of the oil and shrink the blemish.

Clay mask: Take 1 tsp of cosmetic clay and mix enough distilled water to make a thick paste. Apply it directly to the blemish and leave on as long as you’d like (at least 20 minutes or all night long).

Apple Cider Vinegar: Malic and lactic acids found in the vinegar help to soften and exfoliate your skin, reduce red marks, and treat acne on both your face and body. Apple cider vinegar also tones your skin to the proper pH. So basically, it’s a wonderful beauty secret hiding in your kitchen cupboard!

The Solution?

So, all of the above are things you may have around your house that will help in a breakout emergency, but for those of you that suffer repeatedly with your skin you need more than just remedies for the symptoms of acne. You need to start fighting that acne bacteria before it causes the breakouts and our clinically proven help: clear skin could be the answer to your problem.

100% natural help: clear skin contains PravENAC™ a formulation, rich in lactoferrin, which has been shown to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities, helping to prevent the formation of blemishes due to its antimicrobial effects.

It doesn’t work overnight so you need to have patience with your skin problems, but DON’T give up! In as little as 4-8 weeks you could see a real difference in your skin. The changes may be very slight in the beginning but what you should notice is that breakouts are less frequent and not as sore. Here’s the improvement seen by acne sufferers in clinical studies:

44% reduction in blemishes by week 2
71% reduction by week 4
95% reduction by week 8

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2 thoughts on “Toothpaste, home acne remedies and the solution!”

  1. Ella moy says:

    The blog really helps me with my acne problems. ThankYou!!!

  2. Ali Zayn says:

    Thanks fit all these great ideas helped me a lot for reducing my acne . now I get about 10 pimples or less a month . thank you very very very much

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