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Tips for Treating Adult Acne

July 3, 2012 by Works with Water
Adult Acne Treatment

Treating adult acne can be tricky. Most acne medications are geared to teens’ oily skin which can be a bad choice for drier, adult skin. Effective treatment often requires a trial and error approach that takes time.

There are some do’s and dont’s you can try before you seek medical help.

  1. Keep your face clean. Wash it with warm water and a mild cleanser twice a day. Avoid scrubbing your face, use a soft cloth or your hands and use a clean dry towel when you have finished. Don’t use the same towel again as bacteria spreads
  2. Keep your skin moisturised if it tends to be dry. If you have very oily skin, use a lighter moisturiser. Use make up sparingly, on a day to day basis why not use a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation?
  3. There are some great topical products on the market that can help you with your skin problems from dermatologist recommended brands such as Vichy and La Roche Posay
  4. And our acne product ‘help: clear skin’ is also suitable for those who suffer from adult acne – it helps to clear the skin from the inside out

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