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The secret to clear revitalised skin

June 25, 2012 by Works with Water
The Secret to Clear Skin

In addition to taking our complexion boosting skin products ‘help: clear skin’ and ‘help: revitalise my skin’, boost your body’s lymphatic flow – the system that helps remove toxins from the body – with some simple tips:

  1. Heavy foods are harder to digest. If the digestive system is overloaded, it offloads onto the lymphatic system. Eat plenty of raw salads with dark green leafy vegetables, as well as cranberries and foods rich in essential fatty acids such as nuts, seeds, fish and avocado
  2. Unlike the blood, the lymph has no pump. If you don’t move, it doesn’t move. People who sit all day develop a sluggish lymphatic system simply because they do not move. So take up some form of exercise such as walking, stretching, swimming or yoga
  3. The lymphatic system is just below the skin. Give it a kick-start with dry body brushing
  4. Regular massage can help flush toxins from your body and leave skin refreshed

The Secret to Clear Skin


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