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The long term, ageing effects of alcohol on your skin

January 15, 2016 by Works with Water

During January many people decide to take a break from everything they overdid in December. Whether that be fatty foods, sugar or alcohol. Now we’re hitting the middle of the month, we know it can be hard to keep the momentum going and continue to make healthy choices — even though you know your body, mind and skin really welcome them.

To give you a motivational boost (and maybe even a reality check) this week, we’ve decided to explore the ways in which drinking can have long-term effects on your skin, how it can contribute to premature ageing and why it makes sense to steer clear of the booze until February.

The science behind why alcohol deteriorates your skin

Many believe that the main problem with alcohol is its ability to dehyradrate. Although it’s a huge concern when you drink, it’s not the only thing going on after you’ve consumed a lot of alcohol.

In reality, what alcohol does is create a lot of inflammation throughout your body and your skin. This is what leads to a myriad of skin problems, ranging from dullness, discolouration and sagging to enlarged pores, a lack of collagen, fine lines and a general lack of resilience to any outside factors.

Sure this may not be bad every now and again, but over time your skin will become more damaged and more susceptible to the toxic side-effects of regular drinking.

If you notice your skin looking redder after drinking, there’s also a very simple scientific explanation. Alcohol increases the blood flow to your skin cells, which can leave your appearance looking inflamed and unhealthy for days. This is because alcohol causes blood vessels under the surface of your skin to widen, which allows more blood to flow and produces that tell-tale flushed colour and a prickling feeling of warmth.

Again, this isn’t bad every so often. But long-term drinking can mean that this red complexion sticks around for longer and longer each time, making your skin look inflamed and your wrinkles and imperfections more pronounced.

The problem with binge-drinking habits

Many of the people we speak to about healthy habits tell us they can go for weeks at a time without drinking, but then binge on far too much alcohol on just one night. They’ll vow not to drink that much again, but do the same thing a month later. It’s easy to think that because these people don’t drink regularly that they may not be doing their body, liver and skin as much damage.

However, recent research shows that this kind of “all or nothing” binge drinking behaviour can often cause just as many health and skin problems. In fact, there are actually a number of health benefits for those who have the odd glass of red wine every other night because it contains some protective antioxidants, like Resveratrol. However, those who avoid regular drinking and then have a big blowout with lots of hard liquor can be doing more damage because of the higher alcohol content, which means your liver is working extra hard to try and rid your body of toxins.

How to make changes to your lifestyle before it’s too late

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should always avoid alcohol. But, as with everything, the key is enjoying it in moderation and start making changes to your lifestyle before it’s too late.

We’ve listed some of our favourite ways to mindfully enjoy drinking in the past, which include staying hydrated with plenty of water, opting for a few glasses of red wine rather than lots of cocktails, avoiding sugar-laden mixers that can cause even more inflammation, having the confidence to skip rounds on your next big night out and taking our help: beautify skin supplements everyday.

help: beautify skinOur help: beautify skin supplements can’t reverse the damage done by alcohol, but they can give your skin a fighting chance of healing itself from now on.  Our youthful skin supplement jelly contains PravENAGE, which is our proprietary formula of CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed marine collage, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. All of these ingredients combine to help you maintain a healthy complexion and deliver tangible, anti-ageing skin benefits when your skin is inflamed and stressed from too much alcohol and too many late nights.  One of the things our customers love most about help: beautify skin is it can be popped into their handbags or stored in their desks, so they can indulge in this ready-to-eat jelly skin treat whenever they feel they need it.

We’d love to hear your top tips for cutting back on drinking. What have been your tried-and-tested ways to say no to the booze this January?

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