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The key to a great job interview? Confidence and good skin

May 1, 2015 by Works with Water

There are countless articles online giving people advice about how to ace their next job interview, which is hardly surprising because the process can be so nerve-wracking and it’s often really hard to read what the interviewer is thinking. Does he like me? Does she think I’m answering well? We’ve all been there!

But what’s the secret formula? Well of course confidence, knowledge of the role and industry combined with a big smile are surefire ways to make a stellar impression. But we’ve come across a lot of posts recently that claim your appearance also has a big impact on your potential employer.

Well, to some it may sound a little strange. But, as wrong as they sometimes can be, I think we all know first impressions really do matter. An article in the Mail Online this week claims that an interviewer will make a judgement on the person they’re interviewing within the first 30 seconds of looking at how they’re dressed and made up – so the pressure is well and truly on! A fact that’s supported by Serena Hood, the Executive Fashion Editor of Vogue, who tells the Mail, ‘whether you want to admit it or not, you do form an opinion about someone the second they walk through the door.” First 30 seconds now one second? That’s a lot of pressure!

The article suggests quick fixes – like getting a manicure and perfecting your makeup – are top ways to make those couple of seconds count. But here at Works With Water, we think that when it comes to appearance your main focus should actually be on your skin.

Although ensuring that your general appearance is interview-ready (we’re not sure you’re going to get hired wearing a onesie regardless of how qualified you are!) it’s your face the interviewer will be paying the most attention to, whether they know that consciously or not. And ensuring you have clear skin that makes you feel good will mean you have to focus less on the little, fussy things many people occupy their time with to detract from acne and skin problems – like heavy makeup, which isn’t ideal for an interview setting, and too much hair swept onto your face, which could hinder eye contact and be a bit off-putting.

Get your skin glowing and not only will you need to focus less on makeup, but you’ll also feel more confident too – and we all know that’s the best thing to be armed with in a new and challenging situation.

So how do you go about it? Well, we have many suggestions, like cleaning up your diet, getting a better handle on stress and drinking lots of water (we’re big fans of water, as you can tell!). But most importantly, our focus isn’t on covering up acne or skin problems with lots of makeup and lots of creams. We want your skin to glow and your confidence to shine from the inside out, which is why we produce a number of different treatments (like help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN) designed to be added to any food or drink. These supplements will improve the general quality of your skin overall, targeting acne, reducing redness and allowing the real you to shine through.

So the real key to a great job interview? Well, confidence. And lots of it. But for so many people we know that doesn’t begin with perfectly polished nails or a new suit, it begins with clear skin that makes you feel full of energy life and passion from the inside out.

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