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The health and skincare benefits of outdoor sports

May 8, 2015 by Works with Water
The health and skincare benefits of outdoor sports

Throughout May in the United States it’s National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and now that the weather is getting warmer and the mornings and evenings are a little lighter, it’s the perfect time to take your stuffy, indoor workout routine out into the fresh air wherever you are on the planet – or a perfect time to start a new workout routine if you’ve been using the weather as an excuse!

Although it may feel so much better to get your blood pumping and muscles moving in the open air rather than inside at a gym, aerobics class or just in your front room, there are also lots of benefits to your health and the quality of skin when you get outdoors.

According to Science Daily, one of the main reasons our bodies love outdoor activities so much is because they lower our stress levels. A mixture of being in a more natural environment, feeling less constrained and getting more fresh air has been shown to have a huge impact on our mental well-being, increasing energy levels and positive engagement with others and decreasing feelings of tension, anger and even depression. In fact there’s a great deal of fascinating research and insight online about the relationship specifically between nature and stress reduction, which is a must-read if you’re a city dweller!

And it’s not just your mind that’ll benefit. Here at Works With Water we’re passionate about finding new ways to improve skin quality and many experts believe taking part in exercise outside can do just that. Obviously there are considerations – like sunscreen in the summer and extra hydration in the winter – but being exposed to fresher air and natural sunlight has many benefits to your skin. Firstly the wellbeing tie-in will have a positive impact on how your skin looks and feels, we’ve written many times in the past about the links between reducing stress and getting rid of acne because your body will be able to better regulate cortisol, the stuff that can lead to increased redness and inflammation.

According to Harvard Health, a huge benefit is that small amounts of sunlight directly hitting the surface of your skin speeds up production of Vitamin D in your skin cells, which is essential to fight minor illnesses, as well as more serious conditions, like cancer.

Exposure to sunlight is also a tried-and-tested method for treating dry skin and psoriasis – a great natural tip for those with dry skin who find topical treatment too sticky.

And let’s not forget your skin loves oxygen – it needs it to heal and to get rid of toxins. So the more time you spend outside lives from air-con and stuffy offices and around nature, the quicker your skin cells will be able to react and keep your skin clear and refreshed.

So if you’re keen to give your physical fitness a boost, improve your mood and achieve clearer skin, then swap your gym membership for a run around your local park. If this research and insight is anything to go by – you certainly won’t regret it!

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