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The benefits of drinking water to help achieve clear skin

March 18, 2015 by Works with Water
Benefits of Drinking Water

Many people believe that they drink water and their skin is instantly revitalised. Although there are many benefits of drinking water – and it can do all kinds of brilliant things for our bodies, such as aid digestion, circulation and regulate body temperature – sipping on a huge glass of water won’t work to hydrate your cells in the quick way bottled water ads would have you believe. After all, we’re not plants that wilt without water and perk up after we’ve had some – although sometimes it may feel that way!

The level of moisture your skin holds onto is largely dependent on your genes and how the lipid barrier, which protects your skin from the outside world and keeps moisture locked in, is functioning. From there, lifestyle factors play a really important role in keeping your skin cells hydrated and the surface of your skin moisturised. Long baths, dry heat, sun and alcohol are all things that could weaken the lipid layer, leaving your skin more susceptible to outside nasties, but also leaving the surface dry and weakened.

We’ve written about the importance of diet when it comes to skin health here on the Works With Water blog many times before, but if upping the hydration of your skin is of paramount importance to you, we recommend ensuring your diet is rich in fatty acids. Experts suggest incorporating three to five servings of fatty acids per week, which you’ll find in nuts, fish and olive oil.

This doesn’t mean that drinking around eight glasses of water a day isn’t recommend – and hugely encouraged – by medical experts to ensure your mind and body are functioning at 100%. Because your skin is an organ – the largest in fact. And organs are made up of cells, in this case skin cells, which need water to go about their daily tasks and keep you looking good on the outside. Some have found that instead of drinking lots of water and expecting your skin to improve in one fail swoop, gradually increasing your water intake over time can improve your skin health, combat acne and increase the moisture levels on the surface.

Here at Works With Water, we’ve developed a 100% natural soluble supplement that can change the quality of your skin and hugely improve acne, reducing skin redness and blemishes. When added to water, help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN provide your body with a much-needed dose of hydration as well as natural skin-clearing benefits…all in a daily glass of water!

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2 thoughts on “The benefits of drinking water to help achieve clear skin”

  1. Drink more water. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins.

  2. Scott Adams says:

    I hadn’t thought about how water helps your skin cells work. I have been wondering about how much water I should drink. I only drink a glass or two a day, so I need a way to help me drink more. I might get a water delivery service, hopefully that will remind me to drink.

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