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Teens opting for acne and acne scar treatment before starting college

July 24, 2012 by Works with Water
Laser Acne Scar Treatment

More and more teenagers are opting for non-surgical aesthetic procedures before starting college or university according to a spokesperson from the beauty and wellness chain VLCC in Mumbai:

“In our centre, the number of young clients opting for non-surgical aesthetic processes has increased up to 300 percent. Four to five years back, we used to generally get around 15 young clients per month opting for acne and acne scar treatment, removal of moles, pigmentation, blemishes procedures before going to college. But nowadays it has increased up to 60.”

We are not surprised students-to-be want to have radiant and blemish free skin before starting university as it helps one’s self-confidence and overall happiness.

Why not try our acne fighting product ‘help: clear skin’, which helps to prevent spots and blemishes from the inside out?

You can expect to see results within four to six weeks.


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