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Teenager blames acne drug for severe depression

January 9, 2013 by Works with Water

A teenager who was hospitalised with depression after taking an acne drug has fought her way back to health. Nine months after she started taking RoAccutane, Emma Fox collapsed and was left bed-ridden for nine months.

Within weeks of starting to take the drug she began to notice a change in her moods.”I was feeling very low, I was getting very teary and upset and just a bit confused because I didn’t really understand why I felt like that.” she said

Emma’s mum Caroline believes the acne drug should be banned,

“I would like to see it banned because I don’t believe that the likes of Emma are worth those that do get the benefits of RoAccutane.”

In a statement Roche the company that makes the drug told Central News:

“RoAccutane has transformed the lives of many acne sufferers, but like most medications it can have side effects. Whilst no definitive cause and effect relationship has been established, to directly link mood swings and depression with the drug there have been rare reports amongst both those taking RoAccutane and acne sufferers in general.”

As a company that strives to help people using only natural ingredients we (Works with Water) wonder why we are constantly being scrutinised by regulatory bodies but it seems that no matter how many stories we hear about the awful side effects of RoAccutane it is still deemed okay to let people use it.

help: clear skin for use in the treatment of skin blemishes, has no known side effects and its active ingredient Lactoferrin, has been clinically proven to help sufferers of Acne Vulgaris. We hope that more people recognise the benefits of going natural over chemically produced pills.

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