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Teen acne… A parent’s guide

March 26, 2013 by Works with Water
nerves and acne

It seems like children are getting acne as young as 8 years and some 8 out of 10 teens will suffer from varying levels of acne… so, what can parents do to help?

Well a couple of things… Start to treat the acne immediately and talk openly but compassionately about it with your child. They are probably already having self-esteem issues because they are embarrassed about their skin and it’s quite likely they are getting teased at school also.

Treating teen acne

Here is where we can help, our 100% natural skin supplement help: clear skin is perfect for teenagers as long as it is taken under adult supervision. All you need to do is mix a sachet into their favourite drink* or soft food just once a day and they should start seeing results within 4-6 weeks.

help: clear skin works gently from the inside out by boosting the body’s natural defenses. It limits the growth of acne bacteria, reduces the appearance of blemishes and speeds up the skin’s innate healing processes.

Talking about acne

You may find it difficult to talk about acne with your child, if this is the case have some really helpful advise on just how to go about it.

1. Broach the subject gently
2. Don’t be surprised if he/she doesn’t want to talk.
3. Listen without judgment.
4. Help your child explore treatment options.
5. Encourage your teen to take responsibility for his or her treatment.

Read the full article here.

* Not suitable for carbonated drinks but then all that sugar in fizzy drinks is no good for their skin either!

One thought on “Teen acne… A parent’s guide”

  1. Yang says:

    Luckily, acne has never been a problem for me. My cousin has a severe acne problem that worsens when she sleeps late. She has been struggling with it for years and has used several ‘promising’ acne products that did no good. I will be recommending this to her and hopefully, it could help her with her acne problem.

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