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Take part in the help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge & win a year’s supply of help: clear skin worth £520

May 16, 2011 by Works with Water

Are you ready for some very exciting news?! Works with Water has teamed up with top lifestyle website, to launch the 6 Week help: clear skin Challenge, for the chance to WIN A YEAR’S SUPPLY of help: clear skin, worth £520!!

help: clear skin is a 100% natural, beauty supplement that contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin impurities, helping to prevent the formation of blemishes in 6 weeks.

Unlike other supplements, help: clear skin offers a direct timeline to results, promising a noticeable difference in your skin’s appearance within 6 weeks if taken twice a day every day.

We are so confident that people who suffer from spots will see results in their skin that it we have launched the help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge in association with

Anyone who suffers from spots or acne can submit themselves to take part in the challenge.

Five lucky winners will be chosen to receive 6 week’s worth of help: clear skin (worth £60) to take part in the 6 Week Challenge. Each winner will take help: clear skin for 6 weeks, keeping a ‘skin diary’ and taking a weekly close-up photo of their skin to show their progress, which will appear on Works with Water’s website and Facebook page and on

What’s more, whoever experiences the most dramatic results in their skin will win a whole year’s worth of help: clear skin, worth £520!!!

If you suffer from spots or acne and would like take part in the help: clear skin 6 Week Challenge to win a year’s supply of help: clear skin, simply submit a photo of yourself that clearly shows the condition of your skin (a head and shoulders or a close up shot) to us, with up to 100 words about your skin and why you feel you would be most suited to take part in the challenge. You can submit your entry at (all entries will be sent directly to Works with Water and will not be uploaded on to Facebook).

Closing date for entries: 27 May 2011

For more information on help: clear skin 100% natural beauty supplements, visit

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