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Sweating and Acne

July 30, 2018 by Samantha Smith
sweating and acne

Increased humidity leads to increased sweating. You can’t fight it. Sweating is the body’s own way of trying to keep cool and therefore isn’t able to be controlled. Problem with this is that although we love that the body has its own way of staying cool, it also leads to an increased amount of sweating which not only leaves embarrassing sweat marks on clothes, but worst of all it increases the likelihood of clogged pores. It is important to note that sweat itself does not cause acne, but it can be a contributory factor. Here is the lowdown on how and why.

Sweat and Skin

Pores can become clogged by numerous factors including over-production of sebum and a build-up of dead skin cells and dirt. But add sweat into the mix and breakouts can become even more frequent and severe.

This is because sweat can combine with the dead skin cells, dirt and sebum which again causes clogged pores. As if there weren’t 3 reasons already as to why pores become clogged, warmer weather has to bring a fourth!?!

Sweating and Acne Remedies

  • A good skincare routine will help remove any build up on the skin, unclogging pores and allowing skin to breathe. Use a mild, gentle facial cleanser daily and a gentle on skin exfoliator once or twice a week to help remove build up and unclog pores. Make sure to avoid cleansers containing alcohol as these products will dry out skin causing the body to produce more sebum so that skin becomes oiler.
  • If acne is located on the back and chest, make sure to wash your skin with a gentle cleanser as soon as possible and change clothing.
  • Body acne is extremely common in the summer therefore, when choosing what to wear, it is important to consider what clothing is made from. Cotton is an extremely breathable fabric that allows air to pass through and helps absorb sweat. This is great as it means less sweat isn’t sitting on your skin. As we already mentioned sweat mixed with dirt/sebum results in clogged pores. Polyester, on the other hand, is water resistant so sweat will remain on skin, effectively helping to clog pores until your next shower.
  • Finally, incorporate help: clear skin or help: clear skin MEN into your daily life to work from within to help keep skin clear. Its active ingredients and all-natural formulation work in harmony with the body to help regulate sebum production, effectively. And although you can’t control sweat, you can help your skin health by consuming effective skin healing ingredients (such as those within the help: clear skin formulations), so that when sweat does strike, skin is already on its way to regaining its health.

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