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Swap Spots for Perfect Skin this Singles’ Day

November 6, 2015 by Works with Water
Perfect your skin

We’re helping singletons look date-ready for Singles Day on the 11th November, an opportunity to celebrate being single by partying with other single friends or attend ‘Blind Date’ parties to hopefully meet that special person and say goodbye to ‘Singledom’ forever.

Being single means you have still to find your perfect partner so you want your skin to look healthy, clear and spot-free when you finally meet him…or her.

At Works with Water we’ve developed a drinkable solution to spots that contains 100% natural ingredients. help: clear skin and its male equivalent, help: clear skin MEN, are proven to reduce acne, clear pores and reduce pore size, while also offering a skin lightening benefit.

As featured on ‘China’s Next Top Model’, help: clear skin is all you need to make your complexion stand out from the crowd and provides visible results in four to six weeks.

Just one daily sachet added to your favourite drink or soft food is all you need to achieve smooth and enviable skin, as our patented PravENAC formula contains all of the ingredients needed to reduce the bacteria that causes spots and acne breakouts.

help: clear skin will ensure you have the confidence for anything this Singles’ Day, whether you are heading to a party or plan to celebrate by taking centre stage at karaoke!

Jules Birch, founder of Works with Water Nutraceuticals, says: “Our skincare supplements are scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of acne due to their anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. They are an easy way to achieve perfect, spot-free skin, as help: clear skin is a tasteless and odourless supplement. In addition, our blend of ingredients offers the benefits of improving skin tone and reducing redness, so users really do see life changing results.”

When your skin is up against harsh winter winds Works with Water’s anti-ageing supplement, help: beautify skin, nourishes from the inside to even out skin tone and reduce pore size for a smoother complexion.

This innovative ready to eat jelly has a delicious natural apple flavour and is available in handy sachets that make it a portable beauty must-have.

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