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Support our case study participant in raising money for Barnardo’s Charity

June 14, 2012 by Works with Water

Margaret Duffy, one of our case study participants, is one of four finalists in the Oldie Composers competition. The competition is a UK wide songwriting competition, open to the older generation, to showcase their talent and to raise money for Barnardo’s.

Maggie’s song “Peace for The Child” sung by BBC Radio 2’s singer and presenter, Clare Teal, can be downloaded from for a bargain 80p with up to 50p being donated to Barnardo’s. Not only are you giving money to a great charity, the song out of the final 4 that raises the most for Barnardo’s Charity is deemed the overall & out right winner. We hope that is “Peace for The Child” –  Good Luck Maggie!

Visit to watch a video with clips from all four songs.

Find out more about Barnardo’s here

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