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Sugar…and the havoc it wreaks on our skin

June 12, 2013 by Works with Water

Aah – just what us women don’t want to hear.

Eating too much sugar can wreak havoc on our skin.

We know it can cause illnesses such as obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and liver problems.  Yes, we know it’s not good if we eat a high sugar diet in excess…. but it ages our skin prematurely.  Help!!

In Britain, we consume on average 238 teaspoons of  added sugar every week. Well, ok,  it’s all that Coke and sugary cakes and desserts, of course!

But no, there’s an ‘invisible sugar’ that we are all eating on a regular basis.

From this list, check out the products you eat on a regular/daily basis…and then check out the sugar content when you next look at the label.

  • “Healthy” granary loaf
  • Pasta with ‘ready-made sauce
  • Bottle of White Wine
  • Cup of tea with ??? how many sugars?
  • Cup of coffee with ??? how many sugars?
  • Chocolate brownie – because we need a mid-afternoon snack to keep us going

OK – so if we’re going to ‘give up’ these treats and luxuries (don’t sound that luxurious do they?) then at least let’s give a reason for why they are bad for our skin.

A little bit of science

Sugar attaches to fats and proteins in the cells in a process called glycation.  The proteins in our skin most prone to to glycation are the same ones that make the skin plump and springy – collagen and elastin.  Sugar attacks them and makes our skin less radiant and more saggy and wrinkly.

We’re not suggesting that you give up ‘treats’ altogether.

However, if you know you are prone to have a sweet tooth and have ageing and wrinkly skin, then thinking about your daily diet and looking at ways you can help your skin naturally so you keep healthy AND have smooth, blemish-free, healthy skin…then next time you think about that extra spoonful of sugar or that yummy sugary treat, then opt for some fruit, plain yogurt or glass of spring water instead.

Delicious, naturally apple-flavoured help: revitalise my skin with CoQ10 and Aloe Vera is also a great daytime snack and contains ingredients that are great for your complexion.

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