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Stress Awareness and Skin

November 5, 2018 by Samantha Smith

Stress affects everyone at some point of their lives but not many of us realise how stress can negatively affect skin as we are more focussed on what is causing the stress. There are things we can do however to help minimise the damage stress does to both our skin’s health.

Because stress releases high levels of cortisol in your body causing hormonal changes, many notice increased incidence of acne breakouts and skin irritation when stressed. High levels of cortisol is a major cause of inflammation within the body and reflects on the skin.

Once you know the effects stress can have on your skin, you can take important steps to reduce the impact of stress. Although you may never fully get rid of stressful situations or thoughts, there are many ways to get your stress under control.

We recommend undertaking activities that make you feel relaxed and break your highly-anxious and emotional state, like taking regular walks, reading or getting a massage. Another way to relax and address your anxious thought patterns is to start practicing meditation. It’s a way to become more mindful and better deal with things that can cause stress.

Meditation isn’t about chanting or silencing your mind. It’s about becoming more connected in the present moment and taking your focus away from obsessing about the past or worrying about the future. A great way to start is to close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you. When a stressed-out thought pops up, just accept it and turn your focus back to the sounds again.

As well as employing some relaxation and meditation techniques, it makes sense to also work on minimising the damage stress does to your skin with some preventative solutions.

One key way to reduce the effects of stress on your skin is to change your diet and take a natural skin supplement which is formulated specifically with acne problems in mind.

help: clear skin & stressFor sufferers of acne, we have developed PravENAC™ a proprietary formula containing a clinically-proven protein rich in Lactoferrin — an ingredient that reduces the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin conditions, including acne, whitehead and blackheads. PravENAC™ is the formula in our help: clear skin range of soluble natural skin supplements.

Whatever stress relieving remedy you decide to adopt, remember it has to be right for you in order to be effective. The object is to minimise stress for healthier, clearer looking skin. Coupled with help: clear skin, and you have every chance of a clearer complexion during periods of stress.

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