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Stop Letting Your Acne Affect Your Workout

January 12, 2016 by Works with Water
Stop Letting Your Acne Affect Your Workout

Studies show that the more you exercise the more your skin will improve over time. Working out increases important blood flow to your skin cells, promotes cell regeneration that fights off acne and improves your overall health, all of which means you’ll be less prone to acne and spot breakouts in the future.

Many people find that working out when they have acne is really off-putting. Although the long-term benefits of fitness for your skin are clear, the short-term effects are sometimes not as pleasant. For example, sweating off your make-up can make acne-prone people feel self-conscious whilst the redness that follows exercise can often exacerbate spots; and if you don’t clean your face properly after a particularly intense workout session your skin can actually get worse.

Today we’re sharing a few of our top tips for how not to let your acne affect your workout. Because fitness is important, it’ll make you feel better, get healthier and improve your complexion over time. So don’t let your spots get in the way!

Embrace going make-up free (it’s worth it!)

We know it can be daunting to ditch the make-up when you’ve got acne because it’s often a short term fix for when you don’t feel confident about your skin and want a quick cover-up solution.

The problem is that wearing a lot of make-up can clog up your pores. For some people this isn’t an issue, for others it means make-up ‘sits’ in your pores, sebum (that’s oil) also collects there and then bacteria is added into the mix. All that can unfortunately lead to or worsen acne.

The answer?  Try and go make-up free as much as possible, especially when you’re working out as your body will be producing an excess of sebum which will essentially speed up the whole acne-promoting process.

But we know that’s not always possible, so plan ahead and come up with some solutions that work for you.. One of our favourites is to wear make-up before your workout to the gym and then wash your face before you workout, so it’s fresh and makeup free before you start sweating. Or head to the gym without make-up and pack a medicated concealer rather than thick foundation to apply after you wash your face when you leave.

It’s not about abstaining from make-up completely but just making a couple of tweaks to your beauty routine so working out doesn’t make your skin worse than it was before you entered the gym.

Keep your face, your body and your gym gear clean

Acne needs sebum and bacteria to form and spread. When you’re working out there’s lots of sebum being produced so you need to minimise the chance of any bacteria getting near your skin.

So, keep all of your gym gear as clean as possible. Especially the stuff that’ll get sweaty. We recommend washing your gym clothes thoroughly on a hot wash between every workout and throwing your gym towel into the washing machine too. Plenty of people just dry off their gym towel between sessions, but that isn’t enough to get rid of the oil and grime that’s left behind.

We know you’re probably used to showering after working out. But don’t rush it. Ensure your body and face are clean after you workout so there’s no bacteria, oil and sebum that could cause acne on your face or body. Use an antibacterial cleanser and shower gel — and if you can’t shower straight away, at least wash your face or carry a good pack of antibacterial face wipes with you.

Find your favourite post-workout skincare routine 

No, we’re not suggesting you bring a huge bag full of your favourite products to the gym or sports field with you every time you want to workout. But adopting a quick and simple routine will really work to minimise the negative effects fitness might have on your skin — like temporary redness and an excess in sebum.

We’ve already covered the importance of getting squeaky clean after your workout. But we also suggest ensuring you’re hydrated long after you’ve finished, making a quick protein shake if you’re keen to build muscle, carrying a healthy snack to keep you fuelled and to nourish your skin and packing a few skincare essentials.

Some people tend to use cooling skin mists or face wipes after hitting the gym to minimise redness and get their skin back to neutral. But we’d also recommend taking steps to minimise acne for good. Our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN products are natural soluble skin supplements, which means they can be added to your post-workout protein shake or just a bottle of water. Both products contain PravENAC™, our proprietary formula of ingredients that are clinically-proven to reduce the development of the bacteria that’s responsible for acne. So you can fight your acne while refuelling!

What’s your favourite way to prep your skin for a workout and soothe it when you’ve completed your session? Share with us in the comments below!

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