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In The Spotlight: Sarah Pinder & Her help: clear skin Experience

July 16, 2018 by Samantha Smith
help: clear skin

When Sarah Pinder first used help: clear skin, she was desperate for a real change. Her acne had resulted in her suffering from a poor self-image and low self-confidence. Sarah was extremely saddened to realise her acne was not going away once into adulthood. A realisation that is hard for many people, especially when you are told ‘it will get better, this is just what happens to teenagers’. But to realise it is not a teen issue and is now an adult issue too, can be hard to accept.







Sarah stated “I always thought acne would be something I would simply grow out of but it never happened. As I got older my confidence levels dropped and it stopped me from socialising with friends and family outside of the house. Because it wasn’t just confined to my face, it also really limited what I felt comfortable wearing too.”

How did help: clear skin change her life?

However, Sarah experienced such a dramatic improvement in her skin in just a few weeks that her confidence soared. So much so she landed herself a new job and began enjoying getting out and about socialising with friends too.

“Now my skin is looking and feeling so much better I feel much more positive about the future.” Sarah

Her Personal Reasons for Becoming a help: clear skin Case Study

She shared her story, even though she found the process in the beginning to be an embarrassment, to highlight just how clear her skin became and to help give others hope that they too could benefit from help: clear skin.

This could be your experience too. Taking the step to being a help: clear skin case study can be a fulfilling and influential one. It’s important to remember that everyone here is in a similar circumstance and are looking for answers – treatments – remedies…a cure. Your clear skin journey could help others in finding theirs.

Take Part in the help: clear skin 6 Weeks to Clearer Skin Challenge

This is why we have launched a 6 weeks to clearer skin challenge that we invite you to enter. Simply:

Email with the following details:




Would you be happy to share your progress on your own social media accounts? Y/N

Tell us a bit about your skin condition:

Please send us a close-up photograph of your face. It needs to be sharp and high resolution so that one of our skin care experts can evaluate your skin.*

Based on the evaluation, the prefect candidates will receive FREE 6 weeks supply of either help: clear skin or help: clear skin MEN PLUS a £50 Love2Shop voucher at the end of the trial!

All you need to do is follow those simple instructions and we do the rest. If chosen, throughout the six weeks, we ask that you fill out our Skin Diary to document your clear skin journey.

Best thing about this is that your experience could also help and inspire others and show them that there is hope for clearer skin.

Don’t suffer with acne. You could be just 6 weeks away from clearer, blemish free skin!

clear skin challenge

*Should you agree to take part in case study trials, or submit your story, supplying before & after images to us, you agree to grant us an exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual license to use them worldwide on the site and on any other Works With Water Nutraceuticals group company website which sells or markets the products and in our marketing materials and for any other business purposes.

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