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Skincare Tips for Asian Skin

August 21, 2015 by Works with Water
asian skin

Two people from the same race, from the same country, even from the same city can have very different skin. It’s all down to genetics, like the kind of skin your parents had, as well as environmental factors such as whether your family smokes or if you used really harsh products on your skin as a teen. In fact the list of reasons your skin could be different to even your own cousin’s could be endless!

So this makes us wonder, are there really general differences between the skin of people from different racial backgrounds?

Well, there aren’t huge differences, but on the whole there are some skin issues that affect men and women with Asian skin more than men and women with white skin.

For example, men and women with white skin tend to have less oil, but get more wrinkles over time more quickly. They need to be more careful around the sun and their skin absorbs products quicker whilst Asian skin is prone to reacting differently.

Let’s take a look at some of the skincare tips for Asian skin – but remember, these are all general guidelines, your skin could still react quite differently to different products.

1. Age-related skin concerns aren’t as obvious on Asian skin

Good news for those concerned about wrinkles! Asian skin tends to have a thicker dermal layer, which means there are higher concentrations of collagen. This suggests that Asian skin tends to age well, wrinkles are less pronounced and they tend to appear much later than they would on Caucasian skin.

2. Asian skin can be prone to oil and acne

Although those with Asian skin can be less concerned about wrinkles as they age, their skin can often be more problematic throughout their teens and their twenties. This is because Asian skin has more sebaceous glands and a thinner outer layer of skin. This means skin is likely to be a lot oilier and more sensitive.

Some people can have oily skin and not experience acne, but many will notice they’re prone to oil, as well as acne, inflammation and irritation. This is because sebum gets stuck in pores, mixes with bacteria and becomes a breeding ground for spots and blemishes.

3. Hyper pigmentation and discolouration often looks obvious on Asian skin

Asian skin that has experienced some kind of trauma, like acne scarring or insect bites through to cosmetic procedures and surgery, is likely to scar and show hyper pigmentation and discolouration for longer than other kinds of skin. This is especially the case if an Asian man or woman has tried a skin lightening product, as skin can sometimes look patchy and lead to even more hyper pigmentation.

4. Topical products don’t work as well on Asian skin

Although there are a number of topical products designed for Asian skin, because it tends to have a more compact epidermis (that’s the top layer of skin), this reduces the absorption of many skincare products when they’re applied directly to the skin.

This is a concern for those with acne. If you have acne but know that your skin won’t react well to creams, then what’s the answer?

At Works With Water our natural products are developed to be effective for all kinds of skin. Our soluble skin supplement help: clear skin (and help: clear skin MEN) is particularly helpful for Asian skin because it isn’t topical. It’s taken as an oral supplement to provide skin with natural nourishment from the inside out.

But it isn’t just about combatting spots, but reducing the redness and irritation that many Asian men and women experience. Especially after acne, surgery scarring or discolouration from skin lightening products.

Both products contain Lactoferrin which reduces the bacteria produced by the skin and also has a natural skin lightening benefit,  Aloe Vera which has a smoothing and nourishing effect on skin, and Zinc Gluconate, known to help repair damaged tissues and support the immune system.

Alternatively, help: beautify skin, a delicious ready-to-eat jelly supplement, contains Collagen, Resveratrol, CoEnzymeQ10 and Aloe Vera, delivering anti-ageing and skin regenerating properties to even out skin tone and feed your complexion from the inside.

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