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Skin Scrumdown: How to stop acne from getting you down (a pep talk)

March 13, 2015 by Works with Water

It’s the last post in our ‘skin scrum down’ series and it’s one of the most important. We could talk all day about how to get rid of acne, but how do you stop it affecting your life (and your love life) in the meantime?

Give treatments time

If patience isn’t one of your virtues then please learn to embrace it when it comes to acne treatment. We all want immediate results, but with many treatments it can take a fair few weeks to see positive effects. During clinical trials our help: clear skin MEN supplement treatment has a 44% success rate after two weeks, but fast-forward to eight weeks and it’s got a 95% success rate. Good things take time, and anyway, two months isn’t that long if it’s the difference between acne and totally clear skin.

Learn which things irritate your acne

Even those with severe zits will find that at certain times they look way worse than others. Learn to observe what little changes you can make to up your confidence. So if you now showering in hot water causes redness, take a cool bath before your girlfriend comes round. If the acne on your back doesn’t react well to synthetic materials, pick a better sports brand that’ll wick away sweat for your workouts. You’ll also notice patterns in diet and hydration, even though they’re a bit harder to spot and take some time. As a general rule, keep hydrated to stop holiday hangovers taking their toll on your skin and eat plenty of veggies to keep your skin glowing.

Take good care of yourself

We know, we know, we sound like the inside of a greetings card now. But the more you look after your bod with exercise, healthy eating and lots of time de-stressing the better your skin will look. It’s not rocket science. Whereas loads of crazy nights out, long working hours and Maccy D’s every second day won’t. Do everything in moderation, but put yourself first.

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