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Skin Scrumdown: Get rid of back acne (and other random body pimples)

March 2, 2015 by Works with Water

This is the second part in our ‘skin scrum down’ series, dedicated to helping you beat acne for good in a quick, simple and easy way.

There’s no point recommending different programmes or lengthy procedures, we know to get rid of acne you need options that fit into your life and aren’t too obvious or embarrassing.

Last time we gave you some tips about how to beat breakouts on your face, today it’s all about that unsightly back acne and annoying random pimples.

Spots form on your face because oil and bacteria collect in your pores. Simple.

On your body it’s a similar story, but actually the fact your pores are often covered in clothes means it gives acne even more of a great environment to thrive – especially if you workout a lot but don’t shower off the sweat straight away. You know who you are!

So here are some of our top tips to prevent body acne from getting worse and hopefully beat it into submission:

Shower often (especially after exercise)

We already mentioned this one, but it’s important. If you’ve been exercising, marching around or anything else that involves getting hot and sweaty, then make sure you take a shower afterwards. Sweating may feel good for your skin, but you don’t need to leave that oil around on the surface for too long, as it’ll eventually clog up your pores and lead to breakouts.

Add help: clear skin to your gym bottle

When you’re working out it’s important to stay hydrated – whether you’re lifting serious weights or just have a long, walking commute ahead of you. Get into the habit of carrying a water bottle with you and to hack your performance even more we recommend adding a range of supplements, including vitamins, protein powder and something to clear your skin while you’re at it.

Our supplement help: clear skin MEN can be added to water or a shake and drunk on-the-go. So while you work out or just rush to work you’re giving your skin a much-needed detox that’ll work to clear acne from your body and your face.

Keep sheets and clothes clean

When it comes to body acne it’s not just about keeping yourself clean – everything that touches your skin needs to be clean too.

We recommend you bite the bullet and give your bed sheets a clean every week and don’t be tempted to put old clothes back on either.

They may seem clean, but the old sweat and bacteria hiding in the fabrics could irritate your skin or lead to even more acne.

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