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New Year Skin Detox: How to detox your skin after Christmas

December 27, 2014 by Works with Water
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After the crazy Christmas period all of our heads, stomachs and livers need a bit of a rest and some long overdue TLC.

It’s vital you take some time to care for yourself more than ever after the festive celebrations, but don’t forget your skin needs just as much love as anything else.

Here our recommended approach to have a full skin detox in the new year, to ensure you’re looking well-rested, radiant and blemish-free before you head back to work or college in January.

1. Load up on fruits and vegetables

We’ve written about how you can improve your diet to improve skin quality, because what you eat and put inside you has a huge impact on the way you look on the outside.

This is especially true after Christmas, when you’ve been treating yourself for a fortnight to sugary treats and fatty meals.

Balance it out in the New Year with a change your diet. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with a well-needed dose of vitamins and minerals which can reduce inflammation and kick-start your cells to regenerate and fight off acne.

You’ll also have so much more energy if you load up on fruits and vegetables, which will make taking the journey from your couch to your desk again come January so much more bearable!

2. Treat yourself to a facial or a massage

Although some of us try to save the pennies after Christmas, treating yourself to a facial or a massage is a great way to revive tired skin.

Not only will the essential oils light up your senses and give you a dose of relaxation, but the massaging action speeds up your body’s natural cleansing process, ridding pores and surface level skin of the toxins and dead cells that have been building up over the past few weeks. Give your face a fresh start in the New Year.

3. Take a multivitamin and a supplement

Although it’s important to load up on fruits and vegetables to ensure you’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need, it’s a good idea to take a multivitamin and give your body a big dose of goodness too, in order to ensure you’ve got everything you covered, from Vitamin A through to Zinc!

We recommend taking a multivitamin that also contains iron, and giving your skin a blemish-fighting dose of help: clear skin which contains everything your skin needs to stay clear, using only natural ingredients. Just add it to water instead of a sugary drink to make sure you’re still cleansing your skin even though you’re tired after Christmas.

4. Flush out your system with plenty of green tea

Instead of relying on caffeine to pick yourself up this before you return to work, turn to green tea instead for a warm, flavoursome drink.

Green tea is packed full of health benefits and contains things like lipids, sterols, amino acids and good enzymes. Many people believe it has an antioxidant effect and aids digestion, which is perfect for full post-Christmas stomachs in need of a bit of love.

When you’ve started on your New Year skin detox, let us know in the comments how it’s going for you, or follow our Twitter or Facebook for skincare tips throughout the year.

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