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Skin Cancer – The Warning Signs

April 16, 2013 by Works with Water
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Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers and accounts for 4% of all cancers in the UK (Source: Cancer Research UK ).

There are two main types of skin cancer: malignant melanoma which is less common but more serious; and non-melanoma skin cancer, which is very common but not so serious. Skin cancer is also the easiest cancer to cure, if diagnosed and treated early.

This information from will help you spot the early signs…

Self examination

Performed regularly, self-examination can alert you to changes in your skin and aid in the early detection of skin cancer. It should be done often enough to become a habit, for most people, once a month is ideal, but ask your doctor if you should do more frequent checks.

What to look for

It is important to know the early warning signs. Look especially for change of any kind. Do not ignore a suspicious spot simply because it does not hurt. Skin cancers may be painless, but dangerous all the same. If you notice one or more of the warning signs, see a doctor right away.

The Warning Signs

  • A skin growth that increases in size and appears pearly, translucent, tan, brown, black, or multicolored
  • A mole, birthmark, beauty mark, or any brown spot that:
    • changes colour
    • increases in size or thickness
    • changes in texture
    • is irregular in outline
    • is bigger than 6mm or 1/4″, the size of a pencil eraser
    • appears after age 21
  • A spot or sore that continues to itch, hurt, crust, scab, erode, or bleed
  • An open sore that does not heal within three weeks


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