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Share the gift of beauty on Mother’s Day

March 5, 2013 by Works with Water
Acne and Wrinkles

Many of us are fortunate to have a close relationship with our Mother’s.

Whether they live just around the corner or several thousand miles away, it’s a special bond that, as we grow older, if we’re lucky enough, often becomes stronger.

I know that as I was growing up my Mum was the person I turned to when I felt most insecure, particularly as I grew into a young woman. She gave me encouragement to try different fashions and hairstyles… and I vividly remember when she showed me how to apply mascara and lipstick properly!!

And it’s still great to be able to share girly shopping days and beauty tips when I love to encourage my Mum to keep current with fashion and beauty trends. Our relationship continues to develop and grows stronger even through the most difficult times. I just hope I take after her in more ways than just temperament as she is ageing gracefully and is a youthful and stylish 70.  Her beauty & style mantra is ‘keep things simple and natural’ and she definitely applies this to her skincare routine.

So, Mother’s Day is always a special way of thanking her for everything she is and does. The women in my family are notoriously bad at receiving thanks and compliments, so fortunately this special annual day which is celebrated throughout the UK is an excuse to tell her how much I appreciate and love her.

So, as well as the usual flower bouquet from my favourite florist, a delicious lunch at her favourite restaurant plus her monthly supply of help: revitalise my skin (yes, she’s a fan too!), I’m planning a little extra something this year in appreciation of all her love and support…

Thanks Mum!

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