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Reducing your sugar intake – Food and drink ‘swaps’ for a healthier diet

March 9, 2016 by Works with Water

It’s no secret that too much sugar is no good for our skin and general health. Numerous studies have made headlines in recent months that aim to shed light on the truly shocking levels of sugar that are found in everyday foods that we take for granted. Like our favourite hot drinks, takeaway meals and even foods that purport to be “healthy”.

So what’s the answer? Rather than obsessively check the label of everything you consume (although it can be quite compulsive once you start!) it’s a good idea to educate yourself about which foods and drinks are filled with high levels of sugar. And which foods you can choose to happily eat and drink instead to keep your blood sugars low and your skin clear, spot-free and younger-looking.

We’ve identified some of our top food and drink swaps for reducing your sugar intake which will enable you to get the taste, nutrients and energy you need without the huge dose of sugar. We’ve also suggested some ideas that can improve your skin health, with inventive ways to add skin-nourishing ingredients to your favourite snacks, beverages and even your meals.

Swap out soda, concentrated fruit juice and fizzy drinks for flavoured water

This may sound like an obvious one, but soda and fizzy drinks are packed full of sugar. Even those that are labelled “sugar free” or “low in sugar” have added ingredients such as aspartame to give you a sweet taste. For optimal health and to combat oily skin and acne it’s better to avoid these heavily processed beverages and opt for more natural options.

But it’s not just fizzy drinks that are huge culprits. Fruit juices that are concentrated deliver very few vitamins and minerals to your body and instead give you a huge dose of sugar. Many people think a sugary fruit juice is the same as consuming the real thing — it never is!

Why not opt for water. If water is too boring, try adding a few pieces of fruit and experiment with naturally flavoured water instead. If you really must have fruit juice, read the label and choose options that are cold-pressed with no added sugars. This means they’re full of the goodness from the fruits themselves and nothing else.

To make your very own ‘beauty’ drink, add a sachet of our help: clear skin or help: clear skin MEN natural daily soluble supplements to your morning beverage. They dissolve into your drink immediately and mean that not only will you be skipping the sugar, you’ll be receiving natural skin clearing benefits. All of our products are made from 100 percent natural ingredients too and are clinically-proven to reduce acne and skin inflammation.

Swap a chai latte or syrup-infused drink for a simple black coffee or herbal tea

Coffee chains all over the world came under fire a few weeks ago when a number of media outlets revealed just how many calories are in some of the most popular beverages many of us guzzle every morning. For example, a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks has 73.8g of sugar, which is a huge 18 teaspoons. And Costa’s chai latte has 20 teaspoons!

Instead of choosing drinks with lots of cream, sugar and syrup, opt for simpler alternatives. If you really must have caffeine choose a black coffee and just add some cinnamon if you need more flavour or a splash of skimmed milk if you find black coffee too bitter. If you want to keep your body and skin hydrated, skip the coffee altogether and pick a herbal tea instead that’ll warm you up and keep your skin hydrated.

Swap “healthy” snacks for simpler alternatives

Many snacks are marketed as “healthy” but often that doesn’t equal sugar-free. This means people eat way more of these snacks than they should and end up ingesting a lot of sugar. A great example is granola bars. Although they may seem handy and healthy, some are coated in sweet yogurt, include chocolate chips or contain a lot of honey and brown sugar syrup to keep all the ingredients together. Many of the most popular bars can contain around 8g to 12g of sugar per serving, which is a lot for a simple, on-the-go snack!

Instead, opt for a bowl of granola before you leave the house or once you get to work.  At around 5g of sugar per serving it’s a much healthier alternative! For an added skin benefit, mix  help: beautify skin natural soluble skin supplement into your breakfast milk; what could be simpler than to help to reduce the growth of acne-causing bacteria from the inside first thing in the morning when you’re having your cereal?

If the reason you love on-the-go snacks is because you want to give your body and skin a vitamin boost before you head to work or after the gym, then try switching out a snack for our help: beautify skin daily jelly supplement. Formulated to reduce fine lines and the tell-tale signs of ageing, our patented PravenAGE™ delivers tangible, anti-ageing skin benefits and is packed full of natural ingredients:  CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed marine collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C. A perfect beauty snack between meals!

Do you have any tried-and-tested sugar swaps?  Share with us in the comments below…

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