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Patience is a beauty virtue with help: clear skin

March 13, 2013 by Works with Water
Healthier Skin


We all want to see immediate results from the beauty products we have purchased, but that simply isn’t going to be the case with help: clear skin as it takes time to be effective. And while there is a bit of a wait, the payoff is kind of major.

In February I received and email asking for my help…

“I have been using help: clear skin for a month now and I did not see any difference at all. My skin is still full of spots with marks on it. Please could you kindly advise why would this be the case and should I still carry on using the product to see an impact on my skin?”

Now I am not saying that help: clear skin works for everyone but our promise to our customers is what we call the ‘timeline to efficacy’ – people should see directly tangible results in their skin after six to eight weeks daily use of help: clear skin. However, every person is unique in their genetic makeup, and if results cannot be seen after this period of use, we do recommend that you seek an alternative solution.

Therefore all I could do was suggest that she carried on with help: clear skin for at least 2 more weeks as we found in our case studies that the majority of people saw results in the 4-8 week period. I heard back almost immediately saying that she would keep taking it…

“I really do hope this products makes a difference… as I have tried everything and anything on my skin and have not found any other products I have used in the past work…”

You can imagine my delight when last week I received the following email…

“Thank you so much, it is working! The product took time to work but is finally revealing my skin without any blemishes, just in time for my brothers wedding.

“Thank you so much Diane, couldn’t have done it without your advice.”

See, patience really is a virtue. If you put in the time and effort now, you could find yourself with the skin you’ve always hoped for.

These are the results from some of our case study participants….

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