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Party perfect skin: Start now to achieve radiant skin this festive season

October 30, 2013 by Works with Water
Banish Acne


There’s only 8 weeks left until Christmas and less before the party season gets in full swing. Whilst you may consider it a little early to start thinking about how your skin will look – you’re wrong! You need to start pampering your skin now so you sparkle throughout the festive season.

We have some tips and tricks to add to your skincare regime that will have your skin looking revitalised and glowing. By following just a few simple skincare rules, you can achieve merry and bright, party perfect skin.

1. Feed your skin
We are all going to be filling ourselves with less than healthy delights this Christmas, so take the time now to feed your skin some really vital skin-loving food. Focus on getting a balanced diet that is packed full of anti-oxidant and vitamin enriched foods. They protect skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells, protecting them from ageing and keeping your skin glowing.

Top tip: Avoid salty foods for at least two to three days prior to a party to prevent puffy eyes.

2. Follow a skin care regime
Winter is synonymous with dry skin, hence you must take extra steps to protect your skin by making careful choices about your skincare products, keeping your skin covered up when outside, and increasing the moisture inside your home. While planning your winter skin care regimen, you should be sure to consider any existing skin conditions. Winter weather not only irritates healthy skin but also can make current skin problems worse.

Top tip: You may be tempted to skip your skincare regime when you return home late from a party or special event  – DON’T! It could lead to acne breakouts or dry skin.

3. Drink a lot of water
Not a new tip but always works! In addition to cleansing your system, water aids digestion which in turn rinses the toxins out of your body and skin.

Top tip: Increase your water intake to keep yourself hydrated and counter the effects of alcohol and caffeine.

4. Sleep
Sleep is as crucial for your complexion as it is for your figure, so don’t skimp on it. Your body replenishes skin cells and produces collagen and elastin (which keep your skin strong and plump) while you’re sleeping.

5. Supplement your skin
Before you spend all your hard earned cash on your friends and family, give yourself a little treat and invest in a little skin pampering from Works With Water.

Start now and you will have plenty of time to benefit from the results of taking help: clear skin (for acne-prone skin) or help: revitalise my skin (for anti-ageing and skin nourishing). All you need to do is take either supplement every day for a minimum six weeks to achieve a clear, radiant complexion well before the parties begin.

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