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Our survey reveals strong links between acne and feeling depressed

April 8, 2011 by Works with Water

 “Almost all acne sufferers (92%) surveyed have felt depressed because of their acne, while 14% have felt suicidal”

Thank you to all those who took part in our acne survey it has helped us to gain a better understanding of how acne affects its sufferers and revealed some shocking results.

Across all ages, it appears that a staggering 75% sometimes or often feel depressed because of their acne, with a further 17% saying their acne ‘always’ makes them feel depressed. Worryingly, 14% of participants also say that their acne – or the drugs that they have taken to treat it – has made them feel suicidal.

The survey completed by 100 acne sufferers highlights that acne is not only a teenage problem as more than a third of acne sufferers turns out to be older than 25. Just over three quarters of the respondents (77%) have suffered from acne for more than three years, causing them long-term grief. And a quarter of acne suffers are convinced they will never be acne free during their lifetime.

Eight out of ten of the acne sufferers say that their acne has a negative effect on their daily lives, while 58% state it sometimes or often lowers their confidence levels and a further 38% reveal their confidence levels are always lowered because of their acne. Almost two thirds of surveyed people (62%) admit they have declined offers to go out because of their acne and 68% feel their acne has affected their chances of getting a boyfriend or girlfriend. Furthermore, acne has been the cause of bullying for 37% of respondents.

These survey results prove to us that acne is more than just a skin condition and causes emotional and psychological side effects, including low confidence levels and feeling depressed. Acne is difficult to treat, but with the right health supplements and skincare regime, we know great results can be achieved!

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