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Officially old at 28…

October 22, 2012 by Works with Water

It seems you are now “officially” classed as old when you reach the age of 28, a new survey has found!!!

That’s right… more than half the people surveyed said 28 was the age they considered to be when they stop being ‘young’ and finally grow up. Citing behavioural changes like, your career becomes more important than your sex life and prefering to listen to Radio 2 rather than Radio 1, as signs you are no longer young.

Find out if you are over the hill…


  1. Your career is more important than your sex life.
  2. You switch from listening to Radio 1 to Radio 2.
  3. You want to buy a property rather than rent.
  4. You have no idea what is number 1 in the charts.
  5. You start looking for a husband/wife rather a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  6. You prefer Strictly Come Dancing to X Factor.
  7. You would rather go on holiday with a person you are in a relationship with than a group of friends.
  8. You would rather cook for yourself than rely on a ready meal or takeaway.
  9. You would rather live on your own than share a flat or house.
  10. You stop going to nightclubs.

Do you agree? I am not sure that all counts as being old, just more mature… I’m sticking to being to being young at heart anyway!

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