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No need to ‘Die For Clear Skin’…

November 27, 2012 by Works with Water
Dying For Clear Skin

Last night’s BBC3 programme Dying For Clear Skin was an enormously sad and disturbing look at how acne can have a devastating effect on both the sufferer and their family and friends.

Teenage ‘spottiness’ and its damaging affect on adolescents’ already fragile confidence is something that, unless you have experienced it or are close to a sufferer, may seem rather trivial.

However, Jesse’s family – and acne sufferers Will, Stephan and Chloe who were also featured –  eloquently shared how treatment for this ‘common’ but ‘life changing’ condition needs to be taken seriously as it can also have serious effects and potentially tragic consequences.

The programme looked at one drug in particular, called Roaccutane (Isotretinoin).  Roaccutane is clearly the last resort for acne sufferers and only prescribed when all other treatment options have failed. Unfortunately, for some, the side-effects can be horrible.

Speaking from the shared experiences of both our help: clear skin case study subjects, and users of our help: derma range, acne is frankly horrible and ‘hilarious’ quips like “pizza face”, the idiotic assumption that spots are caused by being dirty, being told that “acne is common” and “it’s a teenage thing, you’ll grow out of it” are all extremely irritating and can be deeply distressing.

For obvious reasons, the programme didn’t go into much detail into the alternative options available to treat acne before the last resort of strong prescription medication. Laser treatment, which at a cost of around £400 over a 3 month period is beyond the purse of many, clearly is working for Will, which is great news.

However, there are viable, natural acne treatments to help reduce acne spots that, whilst not ‘cheap’ can be effective within a 6 week period, with no debilitating side effects. With serious acne there is no quick fix or easy option…but there are options which can work to help you achieve clear skin.

If you missed the programme, view it here.

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