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No More Antibiotics for Acne – Take the Natural Approach

September 25, 2013 by Works with Water


A new proposal via, a popular web resource for physicians and other health professionals, has called for the discontinuation of the routine and regular use of antibiotics to treat acne.


Given the numerous possible side effects of antibiotics and the prevalence and worsening of P. acnes (the bacteria that causes acne) resistance worldwide, the proposal prompts doctors to think more carefully about their prescribing habits.

Dr Robin Stones, Dermatologist and Medical Director at Courthouse Clinics says; “Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a global problem, which is a cause for serious concern. The emergence of the so-called “superbugs” which are resistant to most antibiotics and therefore difficult to treat is a major threat to health. In many areas of the world more than 50% of acne bacteria are resistant to the antibiotics used to treat the condition and the rates are continuing to rise.”

It’s all confusing and upsetting news for acne sufferers, who typically don’t find a sympathetic audience to their blemish plight.

So, how can Works with Water help?

We developed help: clear skin to offer acne sufferers a 100% natural solution for their skin. Formulated with scientifically supported ingredients, the proven treatment helps to clear spots, blemishes and oily skin within 6 weeks and comes in individual sachets, which can simply be mixed with your favourite beverage or soft food.

The key active ingredient in help: clear skin is Praventin – a bioactive protein extracted from milk using advanced scientific methods. The skin clearing effect is only activated when it is extracted from the milk, which is why drinking milk does not deliver the same benefit.

Praventin is rich in Lactoferrin, known to reduce the development of bacteria responsible for many skin impurities. It also helps to prevent blemishes and spots forming due to its antimicrobial effect.

Does it work? Please see our case studies and product reviews from independent bloggers.

Want to know more? Our website has plenty of information on help: clear skin, it’s benefits and how the ingredients work.


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