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5 New Year skincare resolutions to fight acne

January 2, 2015 by Works with Water
New Year Skincare Resolutions

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to decide what we want to achieve in 2015, the changes we want to make, the good-for-us habits we’d like to adopt and the ways we can make our lives happier and better than ever.

Here at Works With Water, we urge you to make some achievable resolutions in time for the New Year that’ll allow you to move into 2015 in a way that’s happy, flexible and meaningful.

This means you need to do away with unrealistic expectations, rigid time-based resolutions and anything that’s main aim isn’t to make you happier and healthier!

And we may be biased, but we think you should start with a healthy set of resolutions that create a new outlook designed to leave you with better, clearer and healthier skin than ever before.

Resolution one: Adopt a flexible acne diet and make small, positive changes

You can take as much care of yourself as possible, exercise, meditate and generally be the best you can. Yet if you’re still filling your body full of junk it’ll show in the energy levels you have, the way you feel and how you look on the outside. Really rubbish!

The food you eat and the way your skin looks are directly linked, and this is because acne is often caused by too much sebum or oil on the surface of your skin. This oil then gets caught up in your pores with dirt, grime and dead cells, which can lead to block pores and ultimately, causes acne.

Make positive changes to your diet, and your skin is likely to produce much less sebum, your immune system will also improve and you’ll experience less inflammation, too. By eating the right stuff, you’re actually giving your body a huge helping hand in the fight against acne.

Begin by drinking lots more water and replacing sugary treats with fruit. You could then start adding plenty of leafy greens and good-for-you oily fish into your diet. You can also try help:clear skin, a natural supplement designed to help prevent acne. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, sugar and fats as much as you can, but remember to be flexible. A little treat once in a while won’t hurt, just practice moderation!

It’s easy to get started and make a change. Follow our acne diet for beginners to eat healthier and get back on track, and what better time than New Year to start?

Resolution two: Swap out caffeine for fruit and herbal teas

As part of your healthy acne-fighting diet, it’s important to reduce your caffeine intake. Although you may think caffeine is important to keep you feeling alive and awake, in actual fact caffeine withdrawal and caffeine slumps in the afternoon can leave you feeling worse than ever. This brings on an ongoing cycle of too much energy, coupled with too little shortly after, when really a happy middle ground would be best.

But caffeine doesn’t just affect your energy levels, it can have a negative affect on your appearance and skin health too. This is because it’ll make your feel tired and lethargic, which means that’s how your insides feel too. Your body won’t be prepared to deal with ridding your skin of toxins and bacteria, because it’ll be too busy helping you through energy peaks and troughs.

Instead, try drinking caffeine-free beverages, like juices, fruit-infused water or teas. You don’t have to give up caffeine completely, just try to cut down your intake slowly and see how it impacts the rest of your body.

Resolution three: Add regular workouts into your daily routine

Make a commitment to move more this year. Now that doesn’t mean being a slave to the gym or beating yourself up when you don’t go on a ten mile run a few times a week. Instead we recommend that you change your routine just a little to add more movement and activity into your days.

Not only will more exercise improve your overall health and provide you with a hit of endorphins and happy horomones, which elevate your mood, it’ll improve your skin condition too.

If you’re prone to oily skin and acne, you may think that working out and sweating would be the opposite of what you need. But once you begin sweating you’re naturally flushing out bacteria from your skin, which may mean it looks shinier than ever for a few hours, but the next day it’ll be calmer, cleaner and more radiant. Keep up that cycle and mot people notice an improvement in their skin condition after a few weeks of regular exercise.

Resolution four: Drink more water

It’s the core to a healthy, happy acne diet, but many people often overlook drinking fluids in favour of overloading on salads. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for your body in so many ways, but the main one is that it provides your cells with hydration, which means they work better. So that means they’ll make you feel happier, more awake, keep your digestive system running smoothly and clean your skin from the inside out.

If regularly drinking water sounds a little too boring for you, add some fruit slices to hot water instead, we love a slice of lemon in the morning, or you could try herbal teas or add just a tiny shot of natural cordial to ice cold water.

To supercharge your water consumption, we recommend adding our product, help: clear skin to a glass of water every morning. Help: clear skin is specially designed to give your skin cells a boost, making them more effective at ridding your skin of toxins and leaving you with acne-free skin a few months down the line. So that’s a great way to get your hydration hit and ensure your body is armed to fight off acne at the same time!

Resolution five: Pick a foundation that’s right for you

In 2014, we wrote about how to find the right foundation for acne prone skin. Make this the year that you learn more about you and your skin and choose the right makeup instead of just grabbing the first thing you see (or the option that’s on offer!).

Most people with acne tend to experience a lot of oily patches too, so pick a mattifying, acne-fighting foundation for best results. You should also invest in new foundation brushes or sponges too, as bacteria just loves to live on these kinds of tools.

What’s your New Year skincare resolution?

We want to hear what you have planned for 2015! Meet us in the comments below where we want you to share your resolutions, tips for living a healthier life and ideas about how to fight off acne once and for all!

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