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New research links a high GI diet and dairy product consumption to acne

February 22, 2013 by Works with Water

At last, dermatologists and registered dietitians have revisited the diet-acne relationship and are now becoming increasingly interested in the role of medical nutrition therapy in acne treatment.

Up until the 1960’s diet was associated with acne.  This changed following the results of two important research studies that refuted the link between what we eat and acne.

Whilst diet does not and never has been considered to cause acne, there has long been evidence to suggest that it may well influence or aggravate the condition.

This latest study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has determined that there is strong evidence of a connection between high glycaemic load diets and dairy products.

Milk contains hormones that can worsen an acne condition so avoiding milk and seeking alternative non-dairy alternatives has long been recommended as a way of managing acne.

In light of this recent research, following a low-GI diet, such as eating fish, meat, high fibre fruits and vegetables, nuts, brown rice and unrefined grains seems eminently sensible whilst research is ongoing.  Keep a skin diary  for 4-6 week’s to monitor how your skin reacts to your diet.  You just might be surprised at how what you eat impacts on your skin!

Whilst help: clear skin contains natural lactoferrin from milk protein, it does not contain any of the hormones contained within milk, which is why it is so effective in the treatment and management of acne and acne scarring.


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