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National Stress Awareness Day: acne, ageing skin and the benefits of relaxation

November 3, 2015 by Works with Water

Wednesday 4 November is National Stress Awareness Day and is a great opportunity to take a close look at the way stress can negatively affect your skin — as well as the good-for-you steps you can take to alleviate stress and learn to relax more.

How stress can negatively impact your skin

Unsurprisingly, many people find that their skin and acne is a lot worse when they feel stressed and anxious.

Not only can acne be exacerbated when you’re stressed, but wrinkles can also be deepened by premature ageing, sagging can worsen and the surface of your skin can be irritated by constant inflammation.

We’ve written about it before for Mental Health Day, but it’s important to mention it again: stress and anxiety really can be “written all over your face”.

There are many reasons why stress can exacerbate skin conditions and acne. Stress forces your body into “panic mode” on every level as it focuses solely on calming you down, slowing your heart rate and pumping blood to your heart, instead of repairing your skin cells, reducing inflammation and keeping levels of youthful collagen high — all of the things it needs to do to reduce acne and stop signs of ageing appearing prematurely.

How to reduce the effects of stress on your skin

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One of the key ways that you can reduce the effects of stress on your skin is to change your diet and take a natural skin supplement which is formulated specifically with acne problems or anti-ageing in mind.

For sufferers of acne, we have developed PravENAC™ a proprietary formula containing a clinically-proven protein rich in Lactoferrin — an ingredient that reduces the development of the bacteria responsible for many skin conditions, including acne, whitehead and blackheads. PravENAC™ is the formula in our help: clear skin and help: clear skin MEN soluble natural skin supplements.

For those of us who feel the signs of ageing are worsened by stress, we have developed PravENAGE™, our proprietary formula containing CoEnzymeQ10, Hydrolysed marine collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C to help maintain a normal, healthy complexion and deliver tangible, anti-ageing skin benefits. PravENAGE™ is the main ingredient in our help: beautify skin youthful skin supplement jelly.

How to reduce stress…and relax

National Spa Week

As well as alleviating the symptoms of stress and improving your skin, it’s really important to catch stress before it rules your life and leads to more serious physical and mental health problems in the future.

It’s great timing that as well as being National Stress Awareness Day this week, it’s also National Spa Week. We recommend taking this opportunity to explore how you can incorporate spa-like strategies into your day — like indulging in some time just for you, switching off your mobile phone and other electronic devices that can lead to heightened stress, treating your senses and allowing yourself to rest in a relaxing environment.

Although not everyone can get to a spa to experience the soothing effects of some of these tips, it’s easy to work some of them into your daily routine. We recommend taking a long, hot bath filled with epsom salts and lined with candles. Or just switch off your phone at a certain time every night to give your mind some down time. If you love the idea of treating your senses, find a local outdoor pool and go for a swim or book yourself in for a massage and physically soothe your body in an attempt to calm your mind.

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