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Ms Mame’s review and help: clear skin trial results

January 11, 2013 by Works with Water
Ms Mame's Review

help: clear skin / British acne supplement – The result!


I have finished my supplement…, sorry for late result, I have been little busy.

Well, took acne supplement help: clear skin for 1 month!!

I was surprised!

New acne didn’t come out, when I had a good look at my skin there was still some acne left but… noticeable acne had disappeared.

Happy ♪

I took supplement by mixing into hot green tea or soup but for my last day I tried it with water. As it was written in the information paper (in Japanese). The supplement dissolved even in cold water.

On my last day… I discovered… I preferred drinking help: clear skin with water!!

When you order, you can experiment and find your own way of taking help: clear skin!


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