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Modesty Brown – a “real life” help: clear skin review

October 11, 2011 by Works with Water
Acne Free Skin

Modesty Brown Blog

We would like to thank Modesty Brown and her sister Anne for the excellent help: clear skin trial write up that now features on It’s these real reviews that allow others to get an unbiased view of our products.

Anne developed acne when pregnant with her first child and although her skin is not as she says “terrible”, she would recommend help: clear skin to anyone looking to improve their skin.

Here is what she had to say about using help: clear skin:

“Within the first two weeks I thought that I could see an improvement, mainly to the feel of my skin. It felt smoother and softer. I thought that I might be imagining it, but on a visit to a friend, she noticed and asked me if I was using it (help: clear skin) yet because some of the redness to my cheeks had improved. I think that the biggest achievement was that I didn’t get my usual monster of a spot at that time of the month which must be a first.”

Thanks again, Anne!

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