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Men’s Skin Differs from Women’s But Not When It Comes to Acne

February 26, 2018 by Samantha Smith
mens skin acne

There are obvious differences between men and women but when it comes to skin it may not be so obvious. Testosterone levels cause male skin to be thicker – in fact it is around 25% thicker compared to women. It is also tougher in texture compared to women. Sebum production also differs. It is produced more so in men after puberty which may account for the reason that acne lasts longer in men than women. Men’s skin also contains more collagen than women. Men actually possess this slowed intrinsic anti-ageing benefit which if taken care of, will hold men steady to looking younger for longer.

So, that’s how it differs structurally, now how does it differ in terms of acne?  As previously mentioned, sebum production in male skin continues for longer following puberty. This is due to testosterone which generates increased amounts of sebum. It seems that once a man hits 50 years of age, sebum production slows but up until that point, increased oil production in the skin means men are more likely to suffer with acne and other blemishes.

Although a man’s face is 25% tougher than women’s, men tend to not take great care of it which can cause it to become more fragile. Male skin may be more exposed to sun which can damage skin, shaving which can cause scrapes & nicks as well as destroy the hydrolipidic film which decreases natural lubrication and protection. This results in male skin becoming sensitive and easily irritated. Skin conditions can easily arise when skin is damaged or in poor health. It is not necessarily a cause of acne in men, but taking good care of skin to improve skin health could help lessen the likelihood of regular breakouts.

With age, skin changes, and a man’s skin becomes thinner. It is best to maintain skin’s health throughout life so that when skin does become thinner and therefore more fragile, its health is still intact and looks healthy.

When it comes to cleansing, many men just use standard soap, which of course will clean skin but soap may also contain drying properties which can leave skin dry, not to mention may contain ingredients that clog pores. Dry skin is not healthy skin, blocked pores will result in spots. Therefore it is a good idea to exfoliate, once a week if you have oily skin or twice a week if you have dry skin, in order to remove dead skin cells and inevitably leave skiacnen clean with unblocked pores. It also allows for a better shave as the hair follicles become exposed.

Even with all these differences, the way men and women treat acne can be the same! help: clear skin MEN contains the exact the same ingredients as help: clear skin. This is because the propionibacterium (acnes) bacteria responsible for skin breakouts does not differ by gender. The bacteria lives deep within follicles and pores, away from the surface of the skin. Elevated production of sebum or blockage of the follicle can cause P. acnes bacteria to grow and multiply, causing spots to surface.

Lactoferrin, the active ingredient in our help: clear skin products fight the bacteria from the inside to prevent the formation of acne and reduce skin breakouts due to its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Take a look at our case study stories and clinical studies to see exactly how help: clear skin MEN can help you.

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