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Is your make up causing your skin to break out in spots?

March 4, 2011 by Works with Water

You look after your skin scrupulously but your skin still breaks out in spots – sound familiar? Well the culprit could actually be your make up – the very thing you are using to cover up your bad skin.

There are two ways in which you can change your make up habits in an effort to improve your skin:

1.       Stop sharing make up with your friends!
2.       Wash your make up brushes and sponges regularly

Stop sharing make up with your friends!

You know what it’s like – you’re round your mate’s house getting ready for a night out and you end up using her new concealer and nabbing her eyeshadow that matches your new outfit perfectly. Meanwhile, she’s grabbing your coveted Chanel foundation and liberally applying it all over her face.

What all this means is that bacteria on either of your faces is being transferred to the concealer wand, the foundation sponge, the eyeshadow applicator… nice! The bacteria then festers away on the brushes and applicators until you next use them, transferring the germs to your skin.

So as tempting as it may be to share make up, for the sake of your skin it’s far better if you stick to your own products – and don’t let anyone else get their grubby mitts on it!

Wash your make up brushes and sponges regularly

Just as sharing make up can transfer other people’s bacteria to your make up brushes and applicators, so too does bacteria from your own skin end up on your make up tools, particularly if you are suffering from an episode of spots or pimples. Get in to the habit of washing your make up brushes regularly – simply soak them in a bowl of soapy hot water and then allow them to dry completely before storing them. Warm, moist brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria so if you didn’t let them dry thoroughly, this would defeat the whole exercise.

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