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Make-up: Are you confident enough to go without it?

October 18, 2013 by Works with Water


Have you spotted the before and after photographs of a mystery woman that have sparked an online debate this week… about make-up?

The images, uploaded by make-up artist Melissa Murphy, with the caption “Make-up. That’s it”, showcase the magical powers of cosmetics.

I am convinced most women would agree that make-up acts as a confidence booster. Helping us to feel good about ourselves even if our skin isn’t perfect – I am sure we have all used it to cover a whole host of skin problems! But others are saying it is deceitful to wear it because make-up tricks people into thinking a woman (or man) is better looking than they actually are… I thought we weren’t supposed to be judged on our looks?!

The Huffington Post conducted a small survey of their colleagues to find out when they would happily go make-up free, this is what they found.

All ten were happy to pop out to the shop without make-up, however the numbers plummeted at the thought of going bare-faced elsewhere.

Just 50% would go into work without make-up (and half of those would only do it if they had no other choice or were nursing a hangover).

While 20% would happily meet friends in a coffee shop or pub without any slap on, no one would go on a date or a night out without their face on.

Would you feel comfortable going make-up free? Me: Not a chance I scare myself when I look in the mirror! Whilst make-up does make me look a bit less zombie looking, I definitely need to get an appointment to see Melissa Murphy – then I could look stunning!!

But, I tell you who is happy to show their before and after pictures (both of which are make-up free!), our help: clear skin case study participants… they are just so glad to have managed to improve their skin and rid themselves of skin blemishes, that they wanted to prove to others it can be done. Check them out here.

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