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“Like they always say on the ‘acne commercials’ my skin’s never looked better”

June 24, 2013 by Works with Water

We were absolutely delighted when we read the latest review of help: clear skin on ‘A Lauren to Herself’ blog, not only because it is a very positive review but it shows how it takes courage for acne sufferers to make a change in their skincare regime and actually try something different.

Lauren has suffered with her skin for over 10 years

“…it’s oily, blemish-prone and extremely temperamental. Especially if I so much as change one tiny product in my skincare routine. Which is generally why I don’t.”

We have worked with Lauren for a while, doing a couple of product give-a-way’s through her blog, but she still felt wary about trying it for herself.

“Despite Help: Clear Skin being received well, I was still dubious about trying something new. Hey, when your skin’s like mine, you rarely take chances. After all, I’ve heard horror stories about people’s complexions getting much worse, not better, when they’ve tried acne-related products.”

Luckily for us she decided to give it a go when a work colleague told her how well it was working for her.

“I’m now well into my third month of Help: Clear Skin – and like they always say on the ‘acne commercials’ my skin’s never looked better. And I really have tried everything.”

Read her full blog post here…

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