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Let’s debunk those male skincare myths – take the quiz!

January 24, 2013 by Works with Water
Skincare for Men | Male Skincare

Yes, we want our man to be…well, a man! But we also love to see him well-groomed and taking care of himself.  Skincare can be something that many men feel is quite unneccessary.  A bit of soap, a quick shave, splash of aftershave – what more does he need to do? Recognise this man?

Take this quick, fun and enlightening quiz courtesy of WebMD.  From spots and pimples (obviously a particular topic of interest here at Works With Water!) to using moisturiser and shaving tips, we think he might just begin to take a bit more interest in looking after his skin.

But beware, he might just begin to hog the bathroom!  To avoid this area of conflict, our top tip is a daily helping of help: clear skin for men.

Check out some of our help: clear skin for men testimonials after the quiz.

Men’s Skin Care Quiz

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