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Lactoferrin: a natural treatment for cystic acne

October 25, 2013 by Works with Water
Lactoferrin For Acne

Many of you already know how our skin supplements are a natural treatment for cystic acne.

That’s why we were delighted to see severe cystic acne sufferer, Elaine Mokk, hit the news this week with her remarkable and brave YouTube clips about living with cystic acne.

If you haven’t yet seen her clips and suffer yourself from this confidence knocking condition, then I urge you to visit her YouTube channel and blog where she shares information not only about living with cystic acne but ways to successfully help cover them with make-up.

It is really great to see someone share their experiences so that other acne sufferers can see they are not alone. Well done Elaine for having the courage to bear all.

How lactoferrin for acne can help

help: clear skin can help lessen cystic acne with one sachet a day containing 200mg of lactoferrin; clinical studies have shown this to be the optimum daily dose needed to fight breakouts.

Itt works by enhances the body’s natural defences to eliminate bacteria; reduce sebum and inflammation; and repairs damaged skin cells caused by acne, due to its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

In clinical studies, Lactoferrin for acne has been shown to…

  • Fight the acne-causing bacteria through an oral dose.
  • Help you get rid of acne, red spots and blemishes.
  •  Also works for body acne and adult acne.
  • Promote and maintains healthy skin & clear complexion.

Take a look at our brave help: clear skin case study participant’s photographs and stories to see just how well help: clear skin has worked for them.

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  1. Estefany says:

    I’m suffering from acne and I got so depressed 😔😭😭
    How can u give me some help emosional help please 😔😔😭😭😭

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